Philippe Millet, Ph.D

Innovation Leader, Senior Research Engineer and Project Manager at Thales Research and Technology (TRT), High Computing Computing Lab.

His main research activities focus on real-time integrated multi / many processor architectures, in hardware and software as well as on-chip integrated networks.

In 2005, he received a PhD. from the University of Paris XI on the placement of processes on parallel machines with stochastic optimization algorithms (genetic algorithm, genetic programming algorithm and simulated annealing).
1998-2006, he developed a workshop for programming real-time applications on parallel computers.
2006-2012, he developed accelerated architectures on chip and FPGA through research and development projects for entities of the Thales group.
Since 2012, he supervises national and European research projects and brings his expertise to the technical animation of these projects.
Since 2016 he coordinates research on the deployment of embedded neural networks using specialized processors with high energy performance.