THALES - Research and Technology division (02/2013-present)

Head of the high performance computing research lab (since 01/2015)

  • Lead a team of 10 people consisting of doctors, engineers and PhD students.
  • Recruitment of team members and service providers.
  • Definition and evaluation of individual annual objectives as well as team objectives.

Research topic leader on high performance computing platforms (since 02/2013):

  • Lead technology evolution at headquarters level.
  • Meet the design authority and leaders of Thales business lines to identify their needs.
  • Define a roadmap and a development strategy (through a set of research programs) for the research topic that answers the needs of the business lines and the guide lines from the key technology domain leaders.
  • Identify funding sources (e.g. H2020, ARTEMIS, ECSEL, french ANR, ...) for the research programs.
  • Build cooperative research projects matching both the research topic roadmap and the calls of the funding organisations.
  • Risk mitigation on Technology Readiness Level 3-4 technologies, maturation and transfer of technologies to the business lines at Technology Readiness Level 5-6.
  • Lead major projects of the lab.

THALES - Research and Technology division (11/2006-02/2013)

Embedded Solutions Expert / Project Manager

    Lead technological evolutions at headquarters level to cope with the next ten years' products' needs. Expertise recognition from upper management. Lead research and development teams (2-8 people). Manage budget, schedule and resources for project development. Manage several project in parallel, find synergies to reduce development costs. Establish lucrative relationship with customers and partners. Patent and publish research results.
  • Design innovative embedded solutions to boost computation performances, improve components reliability, reduce power consumption and equipment price.
  • Develop requirements and specifications for image and signal processing dedicated parallel architectures
    • Designed and prototyped Heterogeneous Many-core Architecture for embedded image and signal processing
    • Designed and prototyped fault tolerant many-core architecture for smart cameras.
    • Specified and Lead FPGA architecture design for signal processing of aircraft embedded radars
  • Develop requirements and specifications for dedicated embedded operating systems and middle-wares
    • Lead PhD candidate with subject : "Modelling Hardware/software real-time embedded Operating System"
    • Lead PhD candidate with subject : "Design Hardware/software modular real-time embedded Operating System"
  • Coordinate and participate in European and French research projects
  • Coordinate architecture definition and development with other divisions and external companies
    • Internal partners : Thales Avionic, Thales Alinea-Space...
    • External partners : TTTech, SysGo, Esterel Technologies, RealTime@Work, KalRay...
    • Academic partners : Technical University of Vienna, Technical University Karlsruhe, INRIA, ONERA...
  • Present and defend solutions to upper management
  • Lead FPGA (2 people) and Software (up to 6 people) development teams
  • Lead and supervise 2 PhD candidates and mentor 3 junior engineers
  • Manage budget and schedule during implementation
  • Support bid effort with white paper or customer visits
  • Develop SystemC simulators to validate solutions on several architectures, reducing prototyping costs
  • Publish results in scientific journals and present at seminars and conferences
  • Work in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with partner and client teams when needed.
  • Member of the scientific and technical comity to review projects deliverables
  • Program Comity member of ISORC 2011
  • Successfully Passed European Commission financial audit.
  • Successfully passed ISO 9001 audit on Project Management.

THALES - Air Defense division (07/2004 - 10/2006)

Senior R&D Engineer

    Lead a deep evolution of the embedded computer architecture, tools and procedures to divide by 5 the cost of products. Managed development teams. All developments were delivered on time and within budget.
  • Developed standard communication solutions based on Gigabit Ethernet technologies.
  • Replace proprietary solutions by embedded Intel PC and standard communications mediums.
  • Designed and developed UDP layer in FPGA architecture; managed intern
  • Deployed and adapted embedded OS (Linux)
  • Implemented the use of code generation and configuration management tools to improve development methodology. Use of UML during specification of state machines.
  • Lead and Managed remote team to develop FPGA architecture for signal processing
  • Improved department, FPGA development and debug processes

THALES - Netherlands division (posted worker) (10/2002 - 06/2004)

Senior Software Engineer

    Worked onsite with client team in the Netherlands (Hengelo) during the entire development process of the signal processing unit of a radar, from specifications to integration in the system and first delivery to the end user.
  • Supported specification and development of signal processing applications on parallel computer
  • Teach embedded parallel processing development and debug technologies to client engineer team.
  • Developed optimised UDP software layer over RAW Ethernet to match client performance needs.

THALES - Air Defense division (10/1998 - 10/2002)

Senior Software Engineer

    Designed and realized a development studio dedicated to design and develop real-time applications over heterogeneous embedded parallel computer architectures (from 1 to hundreds of processors) in a multi-project context.
  • Designed and developed functional simulator to reduce need of expensive targets
  • Developed and maintained low level design documentation
  • Support customer and application teams for specifications, development and debug.
  • Bootloader and parallel computer dedicated operating system development.
  • Developed monitoring tools and built in self tests

THALES - Air Defense division (10/1997-10/1998)


    Started PhD thesis work.

IIM Laboratory (09/2006-05/2008)

Senior Software Research Engineer (voluntary research for a defined & limited time period)

    Research activity during free time. Development of machine/human interface using normal language.
  • Develop virtual agent for machine/human interface with learning capabilities
  • Defined state machine and data mining algorithms
  • Develop face recognition algorithm based on OpenCV
  • Project on tight schedule (due to presentation) on time
  • Published results at the IAT'07/CHAA-07 conference

IIM Laboratory (09/1998-03/1999)

System Engineer / Student Lead

    Working with thesis director.
  • Installed and managed SiliconGraphix 20 workstations and 3 servers
  • Trained students on programming methods and processes