Personal Projects

2012: Build a new personal website based on Joomla1.6!

2011: Network Management

Design and maintain the Network of a small organisation with a SVN server, a Apache2 server, NAS datastorage and a transparent Squid Proxy.

2007: Renaissance et Culture Web Site

Design, develop and manage a website for an non profit organisation.

2002: TO9 Emulator

Design and develop an Emulator of the TO9 (former computer based on a 6809 CPU) using C++ on windows.

1996: floppy interface

Design and develop a user interface and low level functions to be able to access files from a TO9 formated floppies on an MS-DOS PC. Interface programmed with Pascal and x86 Assembly.


weight training and fitness




Play the Piano (self learnt) and the Violin (8 years with teacher)